Your project may require a building permit. To help answer the question: Do I need a building permit for my project?…

Building permits help ensure your renovations or construction project is built to the standards required by the Ontario Building Code (OBC). The OBC is a provincial regulation which was created by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) and includes the Building Code Act among other materials.  The Building Code Act states that municipalities can govern the rules and regulations pertaining to certain building renovations or building construction such as structural changes, fire safety and life safety systems.

A building can be classified as a structure that occupies a space more than approx.. 10ft x 10ft that includes exterior and interior walls, roofing systems, flooring systems or structural systems. Buildings also include plumbing, electrical work, light fixtures and main services.

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Here are some projects that typically require building permits:

New building construction

Additions to existing buildings

Repairing or underpinning foundations

Structural alterations, new openings for doors or windows in existing walls

New plumbing fixtures requiring new drains and vents

Finishing of unfinished areas including basements, attics and commercial areas

Decks and porches including enclosing existing decks, porches or patios


Here are some projects that do not typically require building permits:

Accessory structures such as garages and sheds less than 10 m2

Replacing siding or shingles with the same material

Replacing doors or windows

Painting, decorating, millwork and replacing plumbing fixtures

Patio installation and landscaping or landscape construction

Electrical work, requires separate permit by Electrical Safety Authority

Fences, each municipality has rules that govern the fence height restrictions and locations

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