Replacing rotted fence posts

Fence repair
Repairs to existing fence with new 4" x 4" pressure treated posts

The most cost effective way to repair a damaged fence is to dig out the existing posts and replace them with new posts. This way we can reuse the fence sections that are already installed. We do this by removing the fence panels, one screw at a time, carefully placing them in position for reuse.

Next we undermine the concrete footing and remove it by digging. Sometimes using a jackhammer or demolition hammer to get through tough concrete or soil. Once this is removed we can install new fence posts.

After the new post is set in concrete we can install the remaining fence panels and any lattice sections on top. The fence should now last for another 15-20 years.

New Fence Installation

BIA Contracting also offers new fence construction to suit the needs of your home or condominium.

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